How to design a small bedroom for a teenager

When kids a small a small bedroom is appropriate. As long as there is space for a bed, their clothes, toys and a small amount of floor space to play they have everything that they need. However, as soon as children become teenagers this all changes, seemingly overnight. Teenagers need an adult size bed, a… Continue Reading

How to spruce up your home for a viewing

Selling up and moving on is an expensive business, so most people don’t have a lot of money to spend on redoing their home ready for viewings. However, a good first impression is vital for demanding a high asking price and for getting a speedy sale. There are many tips and tricks that you can… Continue Reading

Top interior design trends for Spring 2018

Spring is a lovely season to update your home. It is full of freshness and promise and you can take inspiration from the natural colours around you for your interior design. This Spring there are many different styles to choose from that are all on trend and will stay looking fresh throughout the year. Take… Continue Reading

How to make your bedroom calm and practical

Much of the interior design of a bedroom is focussed on the look of the room, with calming colours and a variety of complimentary textures. However, if the design hasn’t also considered the practical aspects of the space, then your experience will be far from calming. Here are some important aspects to consider, before you… Continue Reading

Different ways to create a natural interior design

The clocks have turned and it suddenly seems harder to get outside and enjoy nature. The dark evenings make the outside seem uninviting after a long day at work. However, nature lifts the spirits and can prevent some of those winter blues. That is why, now is the time of the year to find new… Continue Reading

How to add gold to your interior design

Christmas is coming and so are all things sparkly and shiny. However, there is no need to only have golden touches in your home over the festive period. Gold can work wonderfully as an accent colour throughout your home all year round. Combine with dark colours Gold works beautifully when combined with dark, rich colours,… Continue Reading

How to insulate a period home

If you have a period home, you are very lucky. Period homes are very beautiful and full of character. However, compared to modern homes they can be draughty and expensive to heat. A few small, and inexpensive changes can make a huge difference if your beautiful period home becomes a draughty, cold cavern during winter.… Continue Reading

Where to look for extra storage space in your home

Interior design isn’t just about creating something beautiful, it is also about creating a practical and comfortable space to live in. Convenient and sufficient storage can be hard to find in many homes, making living spaces cluttered and uncomfortable. However, with a few clever adjustments you should be able to find extra storage without removing… Continue Reading