How to bring style to your utility room

As the days get shorter and the rain gets heavier, people who embrace the great outdoors find their utility rooms getting muddier and messier.

A utility room is a blessing in any home, as it is a place to store the unsightly piles of laundry, muddy wellies and the wet dog towel, leaving the rest of your home mud-free. However, there is no need to forgo all design considerations in your utility room. A few simple changes can change this practical space into a space that is something both practical and beautiful (as well as muddy at times.)

Fun flooring

Whatever flooring you choose for your utility room, it must be easy to clean and resistant to damp conditions. A good vinyl floor is perfect for a utility room and once you start to look you will find endless combinations of patterns and colours to choose from.

A bright and bold floor will bring some fun to your utility room and will also help to disguise muddy footprints.

Express yourself

People don’t generally think of the utility room as a space for artwork, yet there is no need to exclude it. Quirky, vintage items that won’t fit in with the rest of the home work perfectly to add character to your utility room, the more eclectic the better.


Why not have a feature wall in your utility room? There are so many large-patterned wallpapers to choose from at the moment, there is no excuse not to find something that really stands out. Choose a print that reflects the room and what you use it for, such as something nautical, if you come home and dump wet wetsuits after water sports, or something canine if you use your room to dry off your dog after a walk. If you aren’t the outdoors type and use the utility room just for laundry and storage, then go for something retro, that reflects the practical space.

Experiment with storage

Rather than have off-the-shelf storage units in your space to hide all your household cleaners, think outside the box and find alternative solutions. Vintage apple crates can be used to store shoes and unique, freestanding pieces can be used instead of standard units.

Don’t just see the utility room as a space for laundry and anything you don’t want in the rest of the house. It can be a practical space as well as a space to express your tastes and personality.