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Quick Fixes To Improve Your Home

It doesn’t take much for a nice room to look cluttered or disorganised. Features that are either essential or expensive to change can jar with the look and feel that you are trying to create. It is important not to despair and to find some quick fixes that will improve your home. Fix it with… Continue Reading

How to prepare your home for visitors this Christmas

Christmas is a time when friends and families gather together. Having your loved ones in your home can be lovely, yet fraught. If you are expecting visitors this Christmas then now is the time to start preparing your home, so you can relax and enjoy their company. Prepare your kitchen The kitchen is the place… Continue Reading

How to decorate a gender neutral nursery

Many people choose not to find out the gender of their baby when they are expecting and many people also do not want a “gendered” nursery, even if they do know if they are having a little boy or girl. One thing that is universal for all expectant mum’s is “nesting.” No matter the accommodation… Continue Reading

How to create a guest bedroom that will wow your guests

Having a beautiful guest bedroom can make a house feel like a home. Most of us now have friends and family scattered all over the country and the globe and opportunities for quality time together are sparse. Having a place for friends and family to stay and feel comfortable can be priceless, especially if it… Continue Reading

How to make your garden child-friendly over summer

School’s out for summer and what a summer we’re having. The weather is glorious, which means the kids can play outside and run riot in the garden. Which seems idyllic until you see the havoc that a couple of small children can create in a garden in a short space of time. Now is the… Continue Reading

How to get the light right in your bedroom

Bedroom lighting can make all the difference to how well you sleep and how well you wake up, which can, in turn, affect the rest of your day. It can also alter how well you get dressed and do your hair and make-up. It is something that needs to be planned with care and attention.… Continue Reading

How to design a small bedroom for a teenager

When kids a small a small bedroom is appropriate. As long as there is space for a bed, their clothes, toys and a small amount of floor space to play they have everything that they need. However, as soon as children become teenagers this all changes, seemingly overnight. Teenagers need an adult size bed, a… Continue Reading

How to spruce up your home for a viewing

Selling up and moving on is an expensive business, so most people don’t have a lot of money to spend on redoing their home ready for viewings. However, a good first impression is vital for demanding a high asking price and for getting a speedy sale. There are many tips and tricks that you can… Continue Reading