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Transform your bedroom on a tight budget

Sometimes you fancy a change, but don’t have the time or the budget to do anything too dramatic. However, there are ways to transform your bedroom without spending a fortune. A few minor changes can change the look and feel of a space and satisfy your inner interior designer. Bed linen The bed is the… Continue Reading

How to create a light, bright living room

Natural light is a real advantage in a living room, but only if you make the most of it. Creating a light, bright space not only looks good, it can also improve your mood. Here are some tips for maximising and working with the natural light in your living room. Create a white back drop… Continue Reading

Is a loft conversion right for your home?

If you are lucky enough to be a homeowner then you will not only want to stay and enjoy your property, but also ensure it is a good investment. Many people who want more space or want to add value to their home will consider a loft extension as a way to do both. Loft… Continue Reading

How to squeeze more seating into your living room

The living room is still the most social space in a house, but if you have a large family, or enjoy having lots of friends round you can soon run out of seating. You don’t want to have people sitting on the floor or on uncomfortable seats brought in from other rooms, but squeezing in… Continue Reading

How to hide the kids’ mess

Having children means having clutter. Children love to get as many toys out as possible and become engrossed in play, but they aren’t so good at putting them away. A family home can very quickly be taken over with toys, leaving very little space for the adults to kick back and relax. Good storage and… Continue Reading

Create a modern seaside feel

In South Wales we are blessed with a beautiful coastline and many of our clients want to reflect elements of this in their interior design. Creating an ocean-inspired interior without looking tacky can be difficult, but there are some subtle ways to do it while still having a modern and stylish home. Whitewashed wood One… Continue Reading

How to be an expert interior designer

When it comes to taste and preference, most people know very clearly what they like and what they don’t like. Almost everyone can walk into a room and decide what features suit them and what they would change, but putting theory into practice can be much more difficult than it seems. Applying your tastes to… Continue Reading

How to ride out the refurbishment

Updating your home interiors can be a fun project that ends in you having your dream home. However, without adequate preparation, the process can be awful. Any form of redecorating will require disruption to your every day life and major changes can be incredibly disruptive and turn into nightmare projects that will stop you from… Continue Reading

How to create a welcome without a hallway

A hallway is a wonderful feature in a home – it is a place to store muddy outdoor gear so it doesn’t come into the main home, it is somewhere to keep your keys (and not lose them), and it provides a welcome to the home. However, in modern homes hallways are becoming increasingly scarce.… Continue Reading

How to make the most of your conservatory

Having a conservatory extension on your home is a great asset. It adds extra space at a relatively small cost and provides a very unique environment with beautiful natural light. However, temperature regulation can be difficult in conservatories and often they can end up as a dumping ground for kids’ toys and old furniture, rather… Continue Reading