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How to simply add character to your bedroom

It is difficult to add character to a bedroom without it becoming overbearing and ruining the relaxing vibe. Too few accessories will make the space look bare and too many will make it look crowded. If you want to add some character to your bedroom, it is important to keep things simple and stylish. House… Continue Reading

Unusual Storage Solutions

No matter how beautiful your home is, if you don’t have enough storage it will soon become cluttered and messy. Not all houses contain ample built in storage, which means you have to get inventive to remain clutter-free. Children’s storage You can thin your children’s toys as often as possible, but they always seem to… Continue Reading

How to choose curtains

Curtains can totally transform your rooms and draw the overall scheme together into something spectacular. They should not be simply seen as a window dressing, but key pieces that can alter the whole look and atmosphere of a space.  There can be an overwhelming choice of curtains to choose from; the fabrics, the styles, the… Continue Reading

Simple ideas for your living room

If you are looking to update or freshen up your property this year, especially through the changes of seasons, take your pick from these simple ideas for your living room that will infuse your space with some new life. Achieve a chic fresh look by sticking to a simple colour palette but mixing patterns and… Continue Reading

Creating the perfect interior for a show home

Creating the perfect interior for a show home is your ultimate selling tool. Your main aim is to ensure that your show home complements your target market perfectly. This will enable you to sell your properties as fast as possible each and every time. Your show home should comprise rooms demonstrating an aspirational interior in… Continue Reading