Cosy Winter Design Trends to Style Your Home

The nights are drawing darker,  the weather is nothing short of arctic, and all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and binge a good old box-set on the TV.

Yes, Winter is officially here. And, if you’re spending more time hiding out at home, why not give the house a bit of a touch-up ready for the Winter season? A lick of paint can completely transform your home and enhance those cosy aspects, and a change of scenery might be just what you need to refresh your mind ready for the busyness that is Christmas and New Years’ Eve.

We’ve found three of the top Winter interior design trends for 2019 that will restyle your home perfectly for the chilly season.

Block neutral colours

Neutral colour schemes have been on trend for a good few years now, but there are lots of ways of changing these up to modernise your home. Ditch the over-used tin of grey paint and pick up something more earthy such as shades of beige or cream, which are back in fashion for 2020. Metals are also booming in popularity at the moment.

Layering these neutral colours works well; using slightly differing lighter and darker shades of your base colour can create a great stylish look. When teamed up with the correct accessories neutrals can look as bold and creative as any design scheme.  

Eye-catching Statement Pieces

Locating the perfect statement piece for your room can be a great way of changing things up without having to get the paint and rollers out. Interesting and decorative light fittings, lamps, clocks, pieces of artwork or even extravagant pieces of furniture can be used to remodel a room.
Statement pieces are not only great conversation starters, but they can also create a focal point for the room, and if chosen correctly can enhance many of the other aspects of the space too such as the colour scheme.   

Bold Patterns

At the moment we’re seeing bold, colourful and detailed wallpapers making a huge comeback, particularly floral and botanical designs such as sunflowers or green palm leaves (with green also being a hit colour for 2020).

Wallpaper can be used on an entire room for a more dramatic modification, or you can use a wall or area of the room of your choice which can again create a focal point for the space.

These bold patterns are not just limited to wallpaper either – you can create great effects from adding some patterned cushions, throws or rugs to the room to add some vibrancy.

There are so many different options out there to try out, but we’ve picked some of the best ones here for you to try out. Let us know how it goes!

If you’d like some further advice on styles, colours, furniture, or anything other decorating queries, why not pick up the phone and give one of our design experts a call to see how we can help you today!