How to create a light, bright living room

Natural light is a real advantage in a living room, but only if you make the most of it. Creating a light, bright space not only looks good, it can also improve your mood. Here are some tips for maximising and working with the natural light in your living room.

Create a white back drop

Use shades of white as the main colour your living room, as this will help to bounce light around and will make the area seem more spacious. It also gives you a fun backdrop to play with.

Add in a bold colour

No matter the size of your living room, adding in a bold colour creates interest in the space. Whether you use a feature wall, have bold coloured furniture, soft furnishings, or all of those, choose a colour that makes you happy.

Find some foliage

Having some large, leafy plants make the space softer and more natural. If you are looking to create an airy space that acts as a sanctuary, as well as a practical space, then you should find some house plants that will thrive in the level of light and warmth that you have.


Mirrors are a very popular interior design trick that reflect light into dark corners and make a space seem larger than it is. Carefully place mirrors to maximise the natural light and create the illusion of more space. Take note of where the light is at certain times of day and which areas could do with more light.


Choosing furniture on legs so you can see the floor underneath chairs, sofas and tables makes the space seem lighter and brighter, than having heavy furniture.

Summery artwork

Light, bright, summery artwork can have an uplifting effect on a space and make the rest of the room feel like summer. Landscapes, or seascapes can not only be beautiful but also add a focal point to the room.

Remember the sun

Accessorising your living room with souvenirs and photos from your travels is a lovely way to remember your trips and add something a little bit exotic to the space. If you don’t have many physical objects, then adding some typical colours or patterns from your favourite destination will create a holiday feel in your living room, all year round.