How to create the luxurious spa feel in your bathroom

Who doesn’t like going to the spa? It is the ultimate indulgence and relaxing treat. Bathrooms with the spa feel are all the rage for 2018 and it is easy to understand why.

You don’t have to give your bathroom a full overhaul in order to create a spa feel, you can make some small changes and additions to really change the space.

Luxury toiletries

Treat yourself to some luxury toiletries and don’t hide them away either. If you find some very pretty bottles, you can make some displays from them, on your wash unit or on shelves.

If you don’t want to splash out on luxury toiletries, head to a second hand or antiques market and find some interesting bottles and jars. You can then decant your existing products into these to make your space look more interesting and to give it that spa feel.

Luxury towels

If there is one thing that spas are good at, it’s big fluffy towels. The good news is that you no longer have to spend a fortune on nice towels, many brands make quality ones for a low price.

The bigger, the better for towels and if you have some shelves or open-fronted units, you can also use them for decoration.

If you do not have drying space for fluffy towels and are concerned that they won’t ever dry out properly, opt for Turkish Pestemal towels, that are a thin cotton. They come in beautiful colours and patterns, dry quickly and will add character to your bathroom.


Lots of leafy green will create a soft, calming and relaxing ambience. As well as the benefits of bringing more oxygen into the room, plants change the whole feel of a room. Go big and bold with plants and contrast big leaves with soft ferns. There are many types of plant that thrive in a humid bathroom environment, be sure to check which plants will thrive in the level of light that you have.