How to create a relaxing bedroom environment

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and place to relax. The interior design of the bedroom should be somewhere that reflects this, but also has enough storage for clothes and other items. Creating the perfect bedroom won’t happen by accident, it needs some thought and planning.

Store your clutter

Bedrooms are a magnet for clutter. From hairbrushes to books to paperwork, items can soon build up on all available surfaces destroying your Zen-like paradise. Whatever it is you need to keep in your bedroom, ensure there is a place for it.

If you are short of space, make use of storage under the bed and shelving on the walls. If you are too messy to keep shelves looking tidy, hide everything in baskets or colourful boxes. You should be able to stash everything out of sight.

Let there be light

Natural light works best in bedrooms, so try to maximise it by keeping large furniture away from windows for the light to flood in. If you need to cover the windows for privacy, choose some floaty sheers that will let in light without blocking the light. For rooms that don’t receive much daylight have a natural light bulb as the main light in the room, to create the same effect.

Dim it down

However, at night time you will want to be able to lower the light, enough to see and read a book, but not so garish that it makes you feel awake. Have a dimmer switch option on the main light and options for lamps at the bedside and dressing table if you have and use one.

Stick to symmetry

Symmetrical patterns are very calming for our minds. Try to keep as much of the room as symmetrical as possible, allowing for the shape of the room and furniture that you are including.

Subdue your colours

Don’t go for bright and garish colours in the bedroom. Keep the main colours muted and natural. If you do want some brightness, choose some complimentary accessories and soft furnishings to add splashes of colour.

Remove all technology

It is very hard to switch off from technology in the modern world and your bedroom should be a place where you do just that. Numerous studies have shown detrimental effects of using electronic devices before you go to sleep. Invest in a proper alarm clock and leave your phone, tablet, laptop and TV outside the bedroom, avoiding all disturbances, a room full of standby LEDs and allowing you a good night’s sleep.