Different ways to create a natural interior design

The clocks have turned and it suddenly seems harder to get outside and enjoy nature. The dark evenings make the outside seem uninviting after a long day at work. However, nature lifts the spirits and can prevent some of those winter blues. That is why, now is the time of the year to find new ways to bring nature into your home with your interior design.

House plants

The first thing to do is to find some space for some house plants. Before you head to the garden centre, make note of where you would like to put them and the heat and light conditions. Some plants, such as orchids want to be away from bright light, whereas citrus plants, such as lemon trees will want a sunny spot.

Take your time in researching and choosing the right plants for your space. You may want a selection of small plants on the windowsill, or a larger plant as a feature in a room. If you have a conservatory then you will have a wide range of suitable, exotic plants to choose from that will thrive with the right care.

Wooden features

Natural wooden features help to soften the look of a space. Whether you choose a small item, such as a drift wood mirror, or go for a larger feature, such as wooden panelled walls, there are many different ways to incorporate wood into your interior design.

Leaving wood in its natural state, or with only basic treatment will highlight its natural beauty. Consider having some custom made shelving that leaves in the natural curvature and edge of the wood to really soften the look of a space.

Frame nature

Ensure the natural features in your home are appropriately framed. A vase in front of a mirror, or plants against a complimentary wall colour will help to highlight the feature and draw the eye there.


Collecting shells is something that people of all ages enjoy. Take your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews out for a walk along the beach and collect some shells. These can then be used for decoration in your bathroom and will bring in a natural feel.