Five Ways to Add Character to a New Build Home

There’s something really special about moving into a new build, that feeling that ‘nobody has lived here before’.

However, a lot of people feel that new homes don’t reflect the same character as older buildings, and they are often smaller.

This doesn’t have to be a problem – think of your new build as a blank canvas – you can add character easily and often quite affordably, and use lighting, mirrors and texture, alongside clever storage to create the illusion of space.

Here are five ways you can easily add character to a new build home.

1)    Paint/wallpaper

When you move into a new home, the walls are most likely all bright white or magnolia. These colours are great for creating space, but can make the house feel like it lacks character.  Painting a couple of walls in a warmer colour, or the clever use of wallpaper on feature walls can instantly give the room more life.

2)    Doors

Changing the doors can transform a home completely.

Whether repainting or replacing the front door to stand out from the other houses in the area, to changing plain white wooden doors for either white doors with shapes and texture, or a wooden finish (such as oak, or a darker wood), there are a number of options.

The contrast in colours from the brighter walls to darker doors really makes your space seem so much warmer and look a lot more interesting!

3)    Furniture

Your new build needs furniture. The best thing to do to add character is to use some old, and some new pieces, (or make the new look old!)

As well as modern furniture, keep an eye out in thrift shops or second-hand furniture stores for antique and unusual pieces which can make an interesting focal point.

The golden rule is to choose a style and find pieces that complement, rather than match each other – such as different coloured/types of chairs around your dining table, or big mirrors that add space and depth with painted frames to add colour.

Lastly, your new home probably doesn’t have much storage, so think about choosing storage solutions that complement the overall look.

4)    Accessories

Small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to accessories.

–       Pillows/cushions/blankets/rugs of different colours and textures in your bedroom or front room make your space look cosy and enticing.

–       Adding picture frames filled with photos of you, your friends and family, make your new home seem lived in straight away.

–       Plants are a great way to add even more life to your newly lived in home. Buy some larger plants to add in the corner of the room, or smaller ones to place on shelves.  Plants will also oxygenate the space, making you feel more comfortable.

5)    Lighting

The clever use of lighting can completely transform a room, setting the ambiance of your space.

For a softer, more homely space, think about combining low-level lamps with different shapes, textures and sizes – or for an ultra-modern room, the new geometric copper and stainless-steel ceiling lights with unusually shaped bulbs will give your room a talking point.

Don’t assume you are stuck with bright white light bulbs, you can use different bulbs to create the effect you want.

If you have Alexa and are using her to control the lights, think about adding bulbs that allow you to set the light – some even allow you to change the tone from warm to cool and vice versa, giving you an instant mood change when you need it.

Of course, you’ve just moved and budgets may be tight initially, so start with little, inexpensive touches and do bigger projects as you settle in – there is no rush!  Ultimately, it’s your home, so don’t try to match the showhome, just make it yours and the look will follow.

We have worked with lots of new-build projects over the years, creating interior spaces that you would never image belonged in a new-build, although out access to ‘Not-on-the-High street’ accessories, furniture, wallpapers and paint means we have an advantage!

If you would like help making your new-build reflect your personality, get in touch with us today.