How to create a guest bedroom that will wow your guests

Having a beautiful guest bedroom can make a house feel like a home. Most of us now have friends and family scattered all over the country and the globe and opportunities for quality time together are sparse. Having a place for friends and family to stay and feel comfortable can be priceless, especially if it encourages them to visit more often.

Creating a luxurious guest bedroom doesn’t have to involve too much time or money. Instead, focus on the added extras that will make your guests feel well cared for and loved.

Neutral colours

Select a neutral colour palette for your guest bedroom to create a calm and relaxing feel that will aid a good night’s sleep. Creams or greys work well for the walls and main soft furnishings.

Add in some fun

Although you want your guest bedroom to have mass appeal, don’t be afraid to add in some splashes of colour, or fun touches. Cushions, lamp shades, art work and ornaments are all ways in which you can stop the guest bedroom from looking dull. A couple of beautiful items will really lift the whole space.

Posh linen

Don’t skimp on the bed linen for your guest bedroom. Nice, clean and crisp sheets are a touch of luxury that your guests will love during their stay. Ensure you have extra blankets and sheets that guests can use if they are too cold or too hot.

Pillows for all

Plenty of pillows and cushions are a chance to add in some colour and texture and also gives your guests the options to select the perfect pillow height for them. Some people love a wafer thin pillow, others aren’t happy unless they are piled high.


Your guests will appreciate not living out of a suitcase and being able to hang up clothes and put some things away in drawers. Find some space for an empty wardrobe. If the room is too small, then some hooks and hangers on the walls or the back of the door will suffice.

Added extras

Once you are sure that your guests have everything that they need for a comfortable stay, it is time to have some fun with added extras. Provide dressing gowns and slippers, a small pile of books, fresh flowers and a jug of water by the bed. Find a few toiletries in beautiful bottles for the dressing table and an old fashioned radio so they have a truly luxurious stay.