How to decorate a gender neutral nursery

Many people choose not to find out the gender of their baby when they are expecting and many people also do not want a “gendered” nursery, even if they do know if they are having a little boy or girl. One thing that is universal for all expectant mum’s is “nesting.” No matter the accommodation the desire to do some decorating is often too strong to ignore when the third trimester hits.

However, many places that you may go for inspiration on decorating a nursery will provide only gendered ideas, with baby pink or baby blue throughout and “boy” images such as trains and tractors or “girl” images such as unicorns. But there are many beautiful gender neutral nursery ideas out there that you can use to create the perfect space for you and your baby.

Pine is fine

Pine furniture will be long lasting, is light and bright and is completely neutral. You can find matching sets, or look for individual pieces. Wooden furniture can also be preferable to white coated chipboard, as when your baby grows and starts to develop their own personality, you can paint it with their favourite things to add some character to their big boy or girl bedroom.

If you choose to paint wooden furniture yourself for the nursery, or are buying painted wooden furniture, check that the paint is suitable for a nursery and non-toxic. We would never recommend painting a cot.

Be bold

Gender-neutral doesn’t have to be boring and plain. There is no need for beige. There are many beautiful themes that you can choose to decorate with.

Animal stencils are ideal for adding interest and character to a wall, or you can go all out and paint a mural, depicting a scene such as the beach, or jungle, which will have universal appeal with little people.

Primary colours

Splashes of bold primary colours against a white backdrop will stand out and remain neutral at the same time. You will need plenty of cushions and comfort in a nursery, for you baby to safely start to explore and for you to sit and lie in the early hours during any teething. Use blankets, pillows, nursing chairs etc to bring colour to the room.

Midnight blue

What better way to encourage your baby to sleep then by using dark, midnight blue on a feature wall. Paired with gold stars this will create a calm and cosy environment for you and your baby and make the space interesting while not including any stereotypical gendered features.