How to design a small bedroom for a teenager

When kids a small a small bedroom is appropriate. As long as there is space for a bed, their clothes, toys and a small amount of floor space to play they have everything that they need.

However, as soon as children become teenagers this all changes, seemingly overnight. Teenagers need an adult size bed, a study space, more space for clothes, a dressing table, a living space and some privacy. Trying to fit all this into a small space is challenging.

Go up

Use the full height of the room to ensure your teenager has maximum floor space. Shelving can provide a lot of extra storage. To keep things looking tidy use storage boxes on the shelves, so not everything is on display all the time.

Although cabin beds can be perceived as childish, the extra height allows for either a study, living or storage space underneath. You can get some stylish adult-sized cabin beds that are suitable for teenagers and provide some much needed extra space.

Go out

In a small room the bed will take up the most amount of space. It is tempting to put the bed against a wall. However, it can also be an option to have the bed in the middle and build wardrobes around the head. This creates a cosy sleeping space and allows plenty of room for floor to ceiling accessible storage.

Go under

Make full use of the space underneath the bed, with organised storage solutions. If you are looking at pull out drawers or boxes, make sure you have enough space to pull them fully out before they hit the walls.

Make a sacrifice

If the bedroom is too small, is there space you can sacrifice on the landing or in another bedroom for bulkier storage such as the wardrobe? If your teenager is fashion-conscious, they may have more clothes than what they can realistically store in a small space. You may have to admit defeat and provide them with a storage solution outside of their room.

Bean bags

Teenagers naturally retreat to their room more often than other family members and start to value their privacy. Some form of living space is essential. Bean bags are great in a small space, as they can be easily moved around or put elsewhere if they want to have a friend sleep on the floor.

Double up

Try to provide a desk space for them to study. If you have a wall mounted mirror above it, this will also work as a dressing table which many teenagers value, as they start to experiment with their appearance.