How to incorporate art into your interior design

Oftentimes, wall art is the final piece in the picture when completing a new room, but there are many many other ways to incorporate art into your interior design that will really show off your rooms to their best by integrating the whole look and tying it together with the art pieces that you choose to exhibit.

Firstly, think of the people who will be looking at this room.  Is it your own personal home?  Then you need to choose art that really speaks to you and that you love.  If it is a room for a client or a potential buyer, in the case of show homes, then you need to really think about what will appeal to their tastes to make them feel that this is an inspirational space for them to be in.

Colour me beautiful

How about changing the way that you decorate your room by choosing your wall art and decorative pieces FIRST rather than them being the last items that you purchase?

By choosing something that you know you want and love to go in your space, you can actually then decorate according to that, using it to spark ideas on the colour palette for the space (which can often be one of the trickiest aspects of your interior design).

Choose the dominant colour from the art piece, as well as a few additional shades that you’d like to pull out as accents. Then, look for those colours in the items you use to decorate your space, you can also use colour matching services or apps to help you pick out colours of corresponding shades of paint.

Create a focal point

Every room needs a focal point, or a single design element that will draw the eyes into a room and a great piece of wall art can perfectly achieve this.  Size is probably the most important consideration when finding a piece to be a focal point.  Too small and it will be lost amongst the surrounding furniture and fittings whereas something too big will feel too imposing and not fit right. A wonderful piece of art over a bed in the master suite or a tapestry in a dining area are great examples.

One of the simplest and most dramatic uses of art is to take over a whole dramatic wall space with one large piece of art, or to compose a collection of similarly themed prints or pictures in matching frames or frames that are in similar styles, or are similar colour hues.  You can, obviously, make even more of a statement by collating a random colour, style and image collection of artwork and produce a striking display on an otherwise plain wall to really grab the attention.

Add Texture

Art can add a 3D effect rather than the typical two dimensional paintings or prints.  What about art in different mediums which will bring texture to the space.  Sculpture, shadow boxes, digital art or screens can change the feel of a space.  If you want a room to be more rustic you will have more textures whereas smooth and shinier looks add more sophistication in general.


Art really pulls a room together and makes it feel finished as, when correctly done, makes the difference between the space not having a purpose and it feeling completed and functional.  You need to ensure that you pick art pieces that fit in with the style that you have decided on for the room.

By properly selecting and incorporating wall art into your interior design you can totally transform the look and feel of your rooms.