How to simply add character to your bedroom

It is difficult to add character to a bedroom without it becoming overbearing and ruining the relaxing vibe. Too few accessories will make the space look bare and too many will make it look crowded. If you want to add some character to your bedroom, it is important to keep things simple and stylish.

House plants

Plants never go out of fashion and there is a good reason for that. They look wonderful in a bedroom and help to purify the air, which is important when you are sleeping. A big, bold house plant will draw the eye into the room, while still adding to the calming atmosphere.

Fresh flowers

Who doesn’t like fresh flowers? Adding fresh flowers brightens any room. They add colour without being blinding and will go with any colour scheme. As fresh flowers change regularly having a big vase in your room means there will always be something new to look at and the space doesn’t start to feel stale.

Keep it personal

Your bedroom should be about you and not designed to look like show home. Personal mementos and nicely framed photos will lift your spirit and bring out your individual style and taste. Don’t crowd your walls with photos, instead choose a few special ones and have them enlarged to create your own artwork.

Create the right vibe

Different people like to have different vibes in their bedrooms. Some people love to have colour and brightness, whereas others like to keep the space relaxing with soft pastels. Choose which type of vibe you want to go with and stick to it. Choose artwork and accessories that match.

Practical accessories

Rather than worrying about adding extras to your bedroom, look to accessorise with the things you need. Everything from lampshades to a box of tissues can add style and character to a room. If you have beauty products in your bedroom, choose beautiful bottles and tubs to decant them in to. Little details can change the whole feel of a space.

Look and touch

Don’t just concern yourself with the aesthetic of your bedroom, but focus on the texture as well. Different materials reflect the light in different ways, changing the intensity of everything else in the room. Fabrics and textures should be inviting and reflect the different areas of the room. Layering different cushions and throws is an easy way to add different textures to your bedroom.