How to Work a Boho Décor Style – Indoors and Outdoors

Summer is near and the bohemian ‘boho’ style is the perfect blend to convert your indoor and outdoor space into a bright and comfortable place to relax and entertain.

Boho style can be described in a few ways. Some will picture bright colours, different textures, and lots of houseplants, but it can have a different vibe too. Boho can be neutral, clean and still have that easy living vibe. Overall, it’s a cool way to add creativity into your home, especially if you want to escape the plain white walls and all grey décor.

Easy Indoor Boho Décor

If you want to create a bright indoor area easily, there are a few quick boho décor style tricks to transform your space.

  • Choose a colour palette – Pinks and Oranges go well together, but the boho vibe is your choice, it’s all about what you want and feel.
    If you are choosing brighter colours, choose some that go well but also contrast, if you are going neutral, choose some warmer tones.
  • Paint – Once you have your colours, choose a feature wall and paint it. Or paint old photo frames, an old dresser, get creative and add some colour.
  • Textures – Adding different textures seems wild to some, you don’t need to go crazy, buy a few new cushions; you can get fluffy ones or pillows with patterns and pom poms. You could find a new shaggy rug (or if on a budget, why not explore your local charity shop) or add a cool tapestry to your wall.
  • Plants – Greenery changes the interior of any home. Not only does it add the boho vibe by looking colourful and fresh, having plants indoors can help filter the air you’re breathing. Pretty plants and clean air, why not! Try some ivy plants to spread across the ceiling, or some succulents.

Easy Outdoor Boho Décor Style

On the odd days the sun might shine, creating a boho vibe outdoors is perfect for those cosy late night barbeques, or a day in the garden.

  • Comfort – Bring those cushions from inside, out. Place them on your garden furniture if you have some or spread a blanket on the floor (maybe the tapestry from the wall) and create a nice little picnic space.
  • Colours – Adding colour to your garden can be applied simply. Use the leftover paint from indoors and upcycle that old wooden bench, sand it off for a worn shabby chic look. Find some outdoor décor; bunting and lights can make the place feel cosy (and you can take it back inside when it rains).
  • Plants – Bring your indoor plants outside for some sunshine. Put some on the table or hang them from the shed!

To conclude. If you want to re-create your entire home and garden on a budget, the boho décor style is a great choice. It can be achieved no matter what your budget, whether you choose effortless chic from designer stores or pick up bargains from charity shops, and you can transfer what’s inside, outside, and vice versa.

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