Interior Design Trends and Colours for Spring and Summer 2019

With all the angst about Brexit and political tensions, sometimes you really just want to switch off, take a rest, get back to nature and find your peace.  Our homes are increasingly becoming our private sanctuaries, and this seems to be reflected in the colours and materials being chosen so far this season.
The 2019  Spring/Summer trend has brought a timeless feel to interior design, with a focus on natural textures, neutral colours and sustainability, similar to scandinavian style but with more of a focus on natural, rustic materials.   Plastic is fast falling out of fashion, giving way to furnishings made from sustainable woods like bamboo, and classic, handmade ceramic accessories.
Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, and clients increasingly expect interior designers to source sustainable materials for their homes and workplaces.
Many clients want us to look towards nature to source their raw materials, with expert use of ethical cottons, seagrass and jute carpets, rugs and runners and plant holders, and eco and natural paints, as well as attractive plants positioned for maximum effect.  
Like most designers, we have been delighted to see the move towards the use of sustainable materials – they don’t have to be more expensive.   We have access to a wide range of accessories, wallpaper and furnishings that are not available on the high street and can help you create your own sanctuary to relax in.
We are still seeing bright colours used sparingly this season to good effect.  Bold colours such as this season’s star, mustard yellow, and Pantone’s colour of the year, living coral, are adding a subtle contrast in the form of cushions, elegant sofas and relaxed throws, rather than an all-over interior.  

Meanwhile, other clients are favouring a blend of natural, neutral colours with subtle pastels, in pale shades of blue, green and pink, creating an all-over relaxed look that makes you want to chill in your private oasis after a hard, demanding day at work.  This is far from ‘shabby chic’, think effortless elegance – the deliberate scattering of clearly new textiles and accessories rather than the ‘worn, used’ look.
Interior space this season is all about creating sanctuary – and sourcing the right materials to do that.
The good news is that this style is timeless, and the accessories which add a splash of colour to the overall look can easily be updated when fashions change, making your investment in interior design last longer.  
If you’d like help choosing the right look for your home, get in touch.