Where to look for extra storage space in your home

Interior design isn’t just about creating something beautiful, it is also about creating a practical and comfortable space to live in.

Convenient and sufficient storage can be hard to find in many homes, making living spaces cluttered and uncomfortable. However, with a few clever adjustments you should be able to find extra storage without removing any living space.


Shelving can provide a surprising amount of extra storage without using any more footprint. You can use shelving for all sorts of items. If you don’t want to put items on display, then use coloured boxes or boxes to keep everything neat. You can also intersperse your shelves with photos and other artwork to disguise your storage solution.

Nooks and crannies

An experienced joiner will be able to create storage for you in otherwise unused nooks and crannies.

If you have space by a fireplace, in corners of a room or by large furniture, you can create shelving or cupboards to fit into unusual spaces. Bespoke solutions in a small space can transform a dark corner into a practical and stylish storage solution.

Under the stairs

Make full use of your space underneath the stairs. Rather than just one large cupboard, consider a combination of cupboards and drawers that will fit everything that you want to store. You can have drawers for shoes, a cupboard for coats, and cupboards for children’s toys. You can either go bespoke, with a good joiner, or you can even look at off-the-shelf under stair storage solutions.


If you have some of the floor taken up by storage, ensure you extend it as high as possible.

In your kitchen, see if you can sacrifice some workspace for a floor-to-ceiling cupboard that will provide you with a large amount of storage.

Fit the storage around your belongings

Find storage solutions for your belongings, rather than trying to fit your belongings into storage solutions. In this way you will maximise your available space and ensure no cupboard or drawer space is available.


Make full use of your attic. An attic conversion is a large investment. However, you can make sure that the space you have to work with is easily accessible with a working loft ladder. Even if the space is small with awkward beams, keep the space well organised. Adding plenty of lighting and keeping the attic clean will help you to view it as convenient storage, rather than somewhere dark and dusty that you won’t want to put your treasured possessions.