How to make your bedroom calm and practical

Much of the interior design of a bedroom is focussed on the look of the room, with calming colours and a variety of complimentary textures. However, if the design hasn’t also considered the practical aspects of the space, then your experience will be far from calming.

Here are some important aspects to consider, before you start planning the interior design of your bedroom.


Before you rush out and by the biggest, most luxurious bed you can find, be realistic about the amount of space you have available. You will want to include space for other furniture, as well as space to move around without bruising your shins.

If space is tight, opt for a smaller bed. Although divan beds provide extra storage, being able to see uninterrupted floor creates an illusion of more space and makes the space feel more open, so decide which you would prefer.


Your bedroom should have ample storage for clothing and shoes. Built in storage is less obtrusive and can be more spacious than stand alone storage. If you have an awkward space, consider getting a bespoke solution.

You need enough space to hang clothing, as well as drawers. People often underestimate the space they need. If you don’t have enough space, in your bedroom, do you have space elsewhere, such as the attic to store infrequently used items, or seasonal clothes?

You should also think outside the box with storage. Can you have recessed shelves in a stud wall? Have you used all the vertical space?

Electrical sockets

Although it is nice to keep gadgets out the bedroom, not having anywhere to plug things in can soon become very irritating. If you can’t dry your hair by your mirror, or if you need extension leads to have a lamp by the bedside table, it can affect the whole look and feel of the space.

If you are extensively renovating your bedroom, be sure to include plenty of plug sockets. Otherwise, plan the space around where you are likely to need an electrical socket, so you don’t find your room filled with extension cords.