Quick Fixes To Improve Your Home

It doesn’t take much for a nice room to look cluttered or disorganised. Features that are either essential or expensive to change can jar with the look and feel that you are trying to create. It is important not to despair and to find some quick fixes that will improve your home.

Fix it with foliage

TV cables, pipes, tiles that need TLC. There are all sorts of things that can be hidden behind a large house plant. Choose a plant that will thrive in the light that you want to put it. There are many very resilient house plants that don’t need too much attention that will turn an ugly jumble of cables into an attractive corner.

Put a rug over it

A carpet can be ruined in as much time as it takes to knock over a glass of red wine and a wooden floor can be destroyed in the time it takes to totter over it in some stilettos. However, there is no need to replace an entire floor or carpet. If your floor has seen better days, then get a rug to hide the damage. You can play with colours and textures to add more interest in the room, or opt for something that blends in with the surroundings.


Appliances, shoe racks and other things that aren’t attractive but are necessary can make a space look cluttered when it isn’t. You can solve this by hanging a curtain over anywhere that you want to hide. This is simple and cheap to do and can add character to a space that was a bit of a mess before.

Tile stickers

Replacing tiles is a big job that takes time and either expense or skill to do well. If you have some tiles that are past there sell by date, or you want to liven up your kitchen or bathroom, have a look at tile stickers. You can get a whole range of different colours and patterns in different sizes that will suit any space. It is much easier than retiling and it won’t break the bank.

Sheer blinds

Sometimes it isn’t what’s in your home, but what’s outside it that causes problems with the aesthetic. If you have a room with an unfortunate view, you can block it out without making the space darker. Sheer blinds or curtains look stylish and bright and will save you from looking at things beyond your control to fix.