Simple ideas for your living room

If you are looking to update or freshen up your property this year, especially through the changes of seasons, take your pick from these simple ideas for your living room that will infuse your space with some new life.

Achieve a chic fresh look by sticking to a simple colour palette but mixing patterns and textures.

Enjoy the contrast of modern stylish furniture and simple unfussy styles against the rustic texture of overhead beams and original features to update an older living room.

To achieve an ultra-modern look, stick to a stylish black and white contemporary theme and limit tones in everything used in the room.  This will showcase any beautiful features, such as a window looking out onto a garden or view.

If you want to show off your personality a little, pick bright and bold hues and add in some quirky second hand finds that you love.  Try to stick to a few key colours to prevent the room looking cluttered and confused.

If you are on a tight budget but have a wall space that is crying out for a large art piece to bring a focal point to your living room, display a tight grid of smaller frames to draw the eye to that area.

If you love your girly pinks but need them to be a little more subdued for the living room, mix them as an accent colour with a darker, more grounding navy blue and cream or white with some hints of gold in the form of key accessories to bring a little more glamour to the overall show.

If you want a more formal look, try a bright green graphic print pattern, for example of leaves or birds that brings a look of nature into the room.  This works well with elegant and period rooms as well as more modern houses that have no period features to dress up.

If you like the feel of space and crisp cleanness in your living room, try using a grey and cream colour scheme throughout, and then enliven with a few key accessories in bright orange, such as a lamp base, a vase, or some grouped ornaments on a low coffee table.

Similarly, neutral tones on the walls, such as calming beige or light taupe all round can be modernised with rugs, furnishings and objects in a clean bright colour such as turquoise.  This makes a much more inexpensive way of updating your living room on a more regular basis as you can simply swap accessories/throws/cushions to different colours as the seasons change.

Have you thought of simply rearranging your current furniture into a different position within your room?  You can completely transform the look of your living room, for example, by placing your sofa under an oversized window instead of having it against a side wall.  This lets the sunlight in and becomes a different focal point.

If you prefer a very tonal neutral colour palette to give a relaxing and calming feel to your living room, you can focus on adding in different textures to add interest.

Want to be reminded of summer all year round?  Add some pops of lemon and lime in rugs, throws, pouffes or small tables to give a lighter look against white walls.

If you have a larger living room, you could separate it into different zones by changing the lighting and furnishings in certain areas, for example having a ‘reading corner’ with a bookcase, a comfy chair and an overhead down pointing lamp, and a separate area for your sofa to watch the television and so on.

Struggling to house all of your books and small treasures?  Employ a wall to ceiling bookshelf as an accent wall to show off everything, but still keep the feel of the living room uncluttered.

Wanting to try out a more simple, classic look but without buying new furniture?  Choose white slipcovers to cover your current sofa and team with pale furnishings in order to show off your accessories. They are easy to clean too.

And how about just changing your coffee table to a colourful one, in teal or coral instead of the traditional plain wooden look?

If you are looking for a minimalist scene, team dark flooring with furniture in varying shades of white.

Team one large accessory, such as a golden starburst mirror that looks like the sun, with two sunny yellow chairs in an otherwise neutral room to really add vibrancy.

Often by looking at your living room through different eyes and thinking abouthow the space will best work for you, you can transform it relatively cheaply and quickly.