How to squeeze more seating into your living room

The living room is still the most social space in a house, but if you have a large family, or enjoy having lots of friends round you can soon run out of seating. You don’t want to have people sitting on the floor or on uncomfortable seats brought in from other rooms, but squeezing in more seating to your living room can be difficult.

Use length

Before you look for a sofa, ensure you find out just how long it can go. If you are planning on having a sofa against a wall measure up and fill the whole wall. Often the space either side of a sofa is wasted and could easily accommodate extra people. This is especially true in long, thin rooms.

Break the space with seating

Sometimes dividing a space up can make it seem bigger and create a more practical space to live and relax in. Don’t be afraid to use seating to break the space up. You could use a corner sofa to create a natural break in the space, or place seating across a room for more of a divide. You can use this method to create an intimate social space in your living room.

Slim it down

Traditional British living room seating tends to be quite bulky. If you a short on space or want to create a lighter feel, look towards Scandinavian design that tends to be slimmer. If you are worried about blocking a view out a window or patio door, always consider using slim and light seating.

Fill the nooks and crannies

Most living rooms are not perfectly square, but will have some nooks or crannies that you can use for extra seating. See if you can find space for a window seat, a bench by the fireplace or create a cosy nook in the space under the stairs.

Mix it up

Don’t feel that you have to have matching seating. A living room should be a cosy space, so choosing a variety of contrasting furniture that you love can work well in the right space.

Use height

Vary how high seating is. For an informal space, low beanbags, or a low bench will be comfortable without intruding too much on the overall space and line of sight in the room. Similarly, consider having a hanging swinging chair, that will not intrude on any floor space and will be a fun feature in the room.

Combine seating with storage

If you have storage units in your living room for books or toys, you can combine storage with seating with storage benches. This takes up the same footprint as a standard storage unit, but also allows for extra seating when it is needed.