The extras to include in your renovation budget

The start of the year is the time when many people start thinking about making changes to their interior design. Budgeting for any work is the vital first step, to ensure you have enough money and are not going to run into any financial difficulty halfway through your project.

Many things that people include in their budgets are very obvious, such as the materials, and any hired help. However, there are some further things that you should consider that can soon add up to a significant amount if you are renovating. Here are some things you should think about.

Your electricity bill

Anything from electric sanders to working late into the night to get things finished is going to increase your electricity bill during the months that you are renovating your home. If your money is very tight, don’t forget to factor an increase in the monthly bills into your budget, to ensure you have enough spare. 


Renovations generate rubbish and it is always more rubbish than you could have predicted. If your renovation is large, then you will need a skip outside, that may need emptying and replacing more than once. 

If you are doing some small changes to the interior design yourself, then you may be fine transporting rubbish to the tip yourself. However, many local councils now charge for the disposal of items such as hard core, so double check before you start how much you will need to budget for.


Any plastering or screed work will need a dehumidifier and maybe extra heaters to ensure the rooms dry out quickly without causing damage to the rest of the house. If you don’t have any and are unable to borrow them, then you can hire them for a daily cost. Do your research when you are budgeting if you are doing work that will need them.

The rest of the property

If you spend money on one part of your home, then you will quickly notice that the other parts suddenly look tatty. An extra coat of paint for rooms that haven’t had any attention for a while, will help to get them to the standard of your renovation. 

Even if you make efforts to protect your floors, dust and work boots will leave carpets in need of some TLC and could well do with a steam clean once work has finished. 

Your garden may have suffered as well, if you have been putting the rubbish outside, so may need a revamp.

Always leave some money spare at the end for extra jobs such as this, so you can be completely happy with the results of your renovation.