Transform your bedroom on a tight budget

Sometimes you fancy a change, but don’t have the time or the budget to do anything too dramatic. However, there are ways to transform your bedroom without spending a fortune. A few minor changes can change the look and feel of a space and satisfy your inner interior designer.

Bed linen

The bed is the most prominent part of a bedroom and also the most important item of furniture in the house for your well being. Updating your bed linen doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you keep an eye out for sales and offers.

Choose something that is as high quality as possible within your price range. There are many wonderful patterns and colours to choose from, so don’t be tempted to stick with anything dull or too similar to your old set.


Adding shelving in a bedroom can create a whole new dimension. It doesn’t take long (normally) to put up a shelf and it can become the focal point of your room, with photos, books and art.

Improved storage

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, but it is easy for bedrooms to become cluttered with clothes, beauty products, kids’ toys and random bits and bobs. If this happens to you, then you need to have a sort out and improve your storage.

In a small space it can be difficult, so make sure you use all available space, such as underneath the bed. A linen box at the end of the bed does not add much to the overall footprint of furniture and is unobtrusive to the eye, but can can provide a lot of extra storage space.

If you have lots of small items that never seem to find a home, coloured or wicker baskets on a shelf can keep them out of sight, but still within easy reach.

Window coverings

Changing your blinds or curtains will totally transform a space. There are some very beautiful colours and patterns available. Do some research online and find something that will compliment your existing colour scheme but will also stand out.

Accent colours

Find a few items that will add an accent colour to your space. It could be a lampshade, cushion and piece of art all in the same colour. Individual items may not have much impact on the space, but several items will transform it.