Unusual Storage Solutions

No matter how beautiful your home is, if you don’t have enough storage it will soon become cluttered and messy. Not all houses contain ample built in storage, which means you have to get inventive to remain clutter-free.

Children’s storage

You can thin your children’s toys as often as possible, but they always seem to have more and more. Finding space for all their toys can seem like a logistical nightmare. You also need storage that is easy for them to get to….and easy for them to tidy up after themselves.

Choose a low shelving unit and a series of tubs or open-top boxes that your child can get to, but will also keep the toys obscured from view. This way it is easy to keep toys ordered and very quick to tidy up at the end of the day.


A medium sized family can generate a surprising amount of paperwork that can take up a lot of space. Filing cabinets are not very attractive, and if you don’t have a dedicated ‘office’ they can look out of place.

Use an existing book shelf and find some colourful box files to store all your documents. This keeps everything organised and will bring some colour to what is normally a very dull piece of storage.

Think vertically

To add in extra storage without compromising floor space, use high shelves. If you can’t trust yourself to be tidy, use boxes to put things in. To stop it looking too drab, use the shelves to also display photos or artwork.

Go vintage

New items of furniture can be expensive and difficult to find appropriate space for. Instead try a quirky, vintage alternative. Browsing through antiques shops, charity chops and and car boot sales will soon pay off. Anything from old apple crates, to old suitcases can be spruced up and turned into beautiful storage with very little effort.