Use touches of gold to add a sprinkle of glamour

If you are looking for a simple and stylish way to update you’re your décor, you can use touches of gold to add a sprinkle of glamour.

Gold accents continue to be a hot trend moving through 2016 and should definitely not just be viewed as a festive colour. Using gold touches can add some much needed warmth and opulence, making all the difference to the overall look and feel of a room. What’s more, it can be achieved on varying scales of budget.

Frames and Wall decorations

Picture frames with a gold border or gold leaf embellishments can really lift your current pictures to a more glamorous level giving an expensive and decadent aspect to your room.

You can buy wonderful second hand or upcycled gold frames from online sources if you do not want to do the hard work yourself. Or what about changing the arrangement of your pictures, adding in a few new gold frames to a group on one wall to draw the attention there?

There are also some great gold wall decorations, especially metallic sculptures that simply hang onto your wall that can completely transform it.

Lights and Fittings

Change the lighting of your room with gold lampshades, a gold chandelier or gold wall downlighters can significantly change and enhance the ambience of the room that you are working on.

Add a neutral shade to a grand gold lampstand, or add a gold lampshade to a plain or earthy wooden stand. Shades with gold trims or metallic sheen inside the shade give out a very different light that can show off your rooms to their best.

If you like doing crafts, you can spray or paint bases of tired lamps with a gold sheen.

Ornaments and Statement Pieces

Simply placing gold accessories alone or in a group of objects on a small table, on a mantelpiece, or other piece of furniture will draw your eyes from one area of the room to another. This can be a really effective way of adding a sublime shine of gold to your room and you really can go quite wild, as visitors will always have something to talk about.

Gold candles or tea lights on a gold tray to make a wonderful centrepiece alongside a dressed dining table with gold plates or accessories can up the glamour to another level.

Drapes, Curtains, Throws & Cushions

Because gold works well with a lot of other colour schemes, you can safely add rather grand swathes of fabric for curtains or window dressings and transform a room. Not wanting to replace curtains? What about a gold curtain pole or hooks and ties in a style that fits in to your overall scheme.

Look for throws and cushions with different shades of gold or levels of ‘shine’ and varying textures to add depth to your room if you have favourite neutral chairs, sofas and furniture that you do not want to replace or alter.

Gold Paints and Papers

Have you considered swapping one of your neutral coloured walls to gold accent wall? If you choose the colour correctly, this can have a wonderfully stylish result, especially when teamed with an accent piece of gold furniture which is so IN in 2016.

What about a dramatic wallpaper with flecks of gold run through it, or a gold pattern? Team with some smaller matching objects to set your room off to its best.

So, there we have it, five simple ways that you can think of upping the gold rush within your property. Don’t go overboard, think stylish and sophisticated and ensure to meld the changes in with your overall theme of your décor.