Why commercial interior design can boost your business and motivate your staff

Mention commercial interior design to some business owners and they will throw their hands up in horror at the thought of spending money – however, research shows that creating the right image across your premises can pay dividends in terms of improved sales, a more professional image and more productive staff.

Many offices are a mish-mash of styles, with a range of poorly co-ordinated furniture, not all of it all in good condition, cramped spaces and stressed staff – and for the smaller business, changing this can seem like an unnecessary expense.

Large, successful businesses, on the other hand, invest in their business brand and understand that creating the right impression is everything – not just for their clients, but to obtain the best from their staff, too.  Commercial interior design is something that smaller businesses would do well to invest in, for the relatively low cost involved compared to the potential business return.

For commercial interior design, function is all important, and the first thing a consultant will do is make sure that your office layout optimises space and light.  Light plays a huge factor in personal wellbeing and offices with more light have 6.2% less sickness absence than other offices, so getting this right is important.

Often a new layout and the clever use of colour will allow you to accommodate more people and project a more professional image to your visitors.  A designer will also consider your brand colours, with subtle co-ordination creating a unified look.

More than for any other aspect of interior design, a quick ‘ trip to Ikea’ is a bad idea for office owners and often proves a false economy when it comes to commercial interiors, unless you have benefited from professional advice first. 

Rather than guess at what works, a commercial interior designer will take time to understand your business, goals and brand, look at your budget and design a custom-built design to suit your needs exactly, creating a co-ordinated professional look that projects your brand to your customers and staff, with colours that will inspire and motivate your workforce.

Of course, commercial office design sometimes means investing in new furniture, but this needn’t be costly.  A commercial interior designer has access to a wide range of commercial furniture providers that you won’t find online or on the high street.   Fit-for-purpose furniture will meet stringent health and safety rules as well as lasting much longer than on-the-high-street equivalents that you may see on Amazon but scrap 6 months later.

However, a commercial interior designer will deliver more than just comfort and safety.

Clever storage solutions for the office will ensure that staff are more efficient, and clutter is eliminated, while paintings and accessories offer a change of mood between different spaces, such as breakout areas and staff kitchens.  It goes without saying, too, that the boardroom should impress your customers – and a commercial interior designer will create a boardroom that wows!

Here are just some of the benefits that employers have reported from engaging an interior designer:

  • Improved staff mood & Improved staff productivity
  • A more ‘corporate’ feel
  • Less sickness absence
  • Projects a better approach to customers

As for the perceived cost – it’s usually less than you think, and definitely cheaper than getting it wrong.

For a quote on how our commercial interior design service could give your business a facelift, get in touch today.