Alternative Christmas Trees to Change Up Your Decor

The twelve days of Christmas is almost upon us. Which means, it’s almost time to get those decorations down from the attic and turn your home into a cosy Christmas grotto for the next few weeks!

In this magical time of year, the centrepiece of the entire decor is in the choice of tree, and many opt for the traditional colour of, you guessed it – green! Although the traditional option is always a great choice, have you considered changing it up and trying out one of these alternative Christmas tree designs?


Alternative coloured trees have been gaining in popularity for years, but our favourite for a light but sophisticated option is the white Christmas tree. With the right colour choice of baubles and ornaments, the white tree can stand out as a classy focal point – our advice would be to select a bright, single colour of ornament such as gold, red, purple to create contrast – or the recently popular black to create a monochrome effect.


If you want to opt for a more minimalistic and rustic feel for your Christmas tree, you should consider a wooden/farmhouse style piece for your home. Available from various online retailers, the wooden tree consists of a central pole, with simple timber branches of various lengths that slot onto the base pole. Although simple, its eye-catching and intriguing design could be the talking point of your decor.


A new trend in recent years is the ombre colour fade, which has spread in popularity throughout the fashion and design industry – and you can now get Christmas trees in this eyecatching design too! The tree begins at the top in one shade, before gradually, branch by branch, fading into a different colour by the bottom. Grey ombre is a very popular choice, but there are loads of other options too.

We hope you have a wonderful time preparing for Christmas. If a new interior design project is on your gift list this year, check out our range of services to make your ‘dream home wish’ come true.