Autumn Colour Trends to Your Home

Autumn is now settling in gradually, with the nights drawing in earlier and temperature dropping, we’ve officially reached the end of summer. With a new season comes a new colour palette to explore for your home decorating, and this year’s Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 palette has some great colours to experiment with!

The colour institute, Pantone, set the colour themes for the different seasons, along with the Colour of the Year which we highlighted in January.  View the Autumn colours here 

“Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 is a story of mindfulness as we see a stripping back of colour to the essentials,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Prevailing in singular colour statements, our colour story for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 conveys a message of strength and purposefulness with a sense of optimism.”

Although Pantone have focused their Autumn colours around London Fashion Week, these colour trends could also make a big difference to your home’s colour scheme too! Here’s some ideas of how to add a splash of Autumn to your decor. 

Statement Furniture

Bold statement furniture such as armchairs and sofas are very popular at the moment and are a great way of adding in bright colours with the addition of functional seating too. Other pieces of furniture like sideboards can also add a flair of colour to the room, you could try upcycling some old furniture with your newly chosen Autumn colour for an inexpensive change .

Accent Walls

For a particularly bright colour, an accent wall can be an effective way of adding in colour without it becoming too overbearing. Choosing one wall in a room to add your new colour will draw attention to that area and can be a stylish change to the standard decor.


If you want to test out some new colours without making big changes to your painting or furniture, some pieces of artwork could add just the pop of Autumn you need in your decor. Choose your preferred colour, and then Google search that colour with the words “Wall Art” you will find an amazing variety of pieces that may fit perfectly in your home.

Extra Accessories

For more subtle colour changes in your home, you could introduce new accessories such as coloured lamps, candles, vases, photo frames and other small items in the Autumn colour of your choice. This is a great way of testing out what colours work for you without making a big change.

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