Bring the outdoors inside with some easy steps

With the longest day of the year officially over, the next few months will see our days get shorter and our summer slowly draw to a close. If you know you’re going to miss the sunny days in the garden and spending time in the great outdoors, why not try and bring some of it into your home ready for the colder months?
Adding some outdoor elements to your home could boost your mood and maintain an element of sunny days, even when the gloom starts to set in. Here’s some simple ideas to bring some of the outdoors inside!
Using natural paint colours is an easy way to change up your home and include some outdoor elements at the same time. Pastel blues, greens and yellows can reflect elements of the sky, grass and sun which can really cheer up a dark room. Also woody colours like beige and tan could be introduced for more woodland shades.
Introducing more natural light into your home has many great benefits, so consider ways of making the most of your windows by decluttering window sills, introducing lighter curtains and removing any obstacles outside where possible such as bushes or trees which create shade. Using mirrors in your home is also a great way of boosting light, particularly if they are positioned opposite a bright window.
When you are out and about on day trips, see what bits of nature you can bring back to use for decoration. Shells, rocks, sticks and leaves could be brought home and be used as decorations, or if you’d prefer you could print pictures of these items instead and frame them.
Using natural textures around the home such as wicker, hemp and bamboo can also add to the natural feel of a home. Adding in some natural accessories such as rugs, baskets or lampshades is an easy way to introduce a little outdoors to your room design. For flooring, natural wood, cork or bamboo are some great options and can make a welcome change from man-made flooring.
We still have plenty of the summer left to enjoy, so take a look at what inspires you the next time you are out and about and what types of colours and textures would be suitable for your home. Once you have decided, get in touch with a member of our friendly team to discuss how we can help turn your vision into a reality!