Creating an Outdoor Space to Socialise in

The sun and nice weather has finally begun to make an appearance for this year, and just in time for the recent government guideline changes which will allow more of us to meet together at outdoor areas! With the guidelines stating outdoor socialising is by far the best way forward, it’s time to get that garden or outdoor area ready for guests this summer with these small ideas to make space and add wow factor!

Creating Space

The simplest goal when planning for garden gatherings is creating enough space to allow your guests to feel comfortable. If your garden is looking a little poky, see what can be adjusted.
If you have an old shed taking up lots of room, removing it will make the world of difference, and whatever was stored in there can be moved into lockable airtight storage boxes which can save heaps of space. If you like gardening and want flowers in your garden space, using pots and containers for them means they can be moved around a reshuffled to allow more space for different occasions.

Selecting Furniture

You’ll want guests to feel that they can sit down and relax, but also have the flexibility to adapt the space for more room when restrictions lift further and more guests can visit. A small but stylish breakfast table is great for breakfasts, brunches and evening drinks and won’t take up too much space. You could also store away some foldable chairs and extra tables for bigger occasions. Adapting some of your storage solutions to create more seating, such as topping your lockable storage boxes with some thick waterproof cushions, is a great way of doubling up on your space and budget.

Tidying up the place.

If you’re already having a good garden revamp, then it may be worth going the whole way and improving the space further such as including a patio and adding some forms of lighting and decoration. Depending on your budget, adding fairy lights or decorative lamps around the space can instantly brighten it up along with a range of garden ornaments and trinkets from your local garden centre. Or, if you’re having a patio laid, some floor lighting can be a stylish but practical addition to your outdoor space.

At Sunrise Interiors, we hope that with these ideas you’re able to create a stylish but safe space for your summer fun – and if you need a little help, our team have access to a wide selection of garden furnishings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whatever you do – it’s YOUR space. Enjoy!