Easter Home Decor Ideas

With the Easter Bank Holiday just around the corner, and it looking likely that a stay-at-home celebration will be on the cards, decorating your home for the occasion is a lovely way to celebrate and share the day with your family. Here are some ideas for easter home decor for you to try out this year and bring the celebration home, lots of these ideas can be shop-bought or made yourself with a quick internet search for instructions.

Designing your decorations: When preparing what to create for your decorations, the most popular symbol and imagery choices are eggs, rabbits, chickens, straw, grass and spring flowers. Also, for your colour scheme choose some light pastel colours, browns and creams to fit with the seasonal colour scheme.  

Table Centrepiece

Choosing a selection of the easter imagery such as spring flowers, rabbits and eggs you can create a beautiful centerpiece for any table and bring the setting to life for the special occasion. Keeping with the theme, and building this into an eye-catching but stylish table ornament takes some design skill, but there‚Äôs lots of inspiration online to take a look at. 

Easter Tree

Although the Christmas alternative is more reputable when it comes to seasonal tree decor, the Easter Tree is rising in popularity with its chic styling and plenty of opportunities for customisation to get the whole family involved. Decorating something like this White Decorative Tree with a range of egg and rabbit hanging decorations and wrapping around a garland of colourful spring flowers will give the tree a great look. Also, you could try using it as part of some games, such as using pegs to clip easter-egg hunt clues to the tree itself. There are lots of possibilities with this idea.

Bunting, Wreaths and Garlands

As is the case with most of our decoration suggestions, these can either be bought from a shop or created from scratch at home, depending on your crafting confidence. Hanging wall decorations like bunting, wreaths and garlands are great for taking that Easter decoration a little bit further and threading the theme around your home. Using the popular imagery and colour suggestions you can design some stylish and cute decorations to bring your home to life. 

With some of these easy ideas you can create stylish but fun Easter decorations for your home to keep the family entertained over the holiday. Let us know what you come up with!