Easy ways to Make Over Your Home without Spending a Penny

At times like these, many of us will recognise the importance of keeping our eyes on our pennies and being as careful as possible with our outgoings. But after spending so long in the house, it can be tempting to splash out on some new improvements to your home.

Keep those bank cards away for now, though, as there are plenty of little changes you can make without spending a penny. By using what you already have at home you can still re-style in very noticeable ways!

Rearrange Furniture

If your living room has been laid out with the same furniture position for a long time (maybe even a good few years) then taking some time to re-imagine the space and give the furniture a re-shuffle could make all the difference. It could also possibly create some more space or lighting – it’s worth a shot!

Mix Up Your Photo Frames and Ornaments

Whether you have your photo frames on hooks or shelves, or ornaments on mantle pieces or display cabinets – giving them all a good mix around can make a refreshing change to a space with minimal effort. (It can also be a good opportunity to give everything a good dusting while they’ve been taken down!)

Repurposing Pieces of Furniture

For a few years the idea of repurposing and upcycling has taken the interior design world by storm, and there are whole websites dedicated to inspiring people to reduce waste, reuse and recycle unwanted objects. Old footstools can become bedside tables, or you could even try that vice versa and use an old lamp stand as a footstool! The possibilities are endless once you start to look for opportunities.

Change Up the Lighting

If you use lamps around the home, consider moving these around too which can dramatically change the feel of a space by either adding extra shading or lighting. Floor lamps swapped to the opposite corner of the room can illuminate whole new features you had never considered before, and desk lamps can create cosy little reading corners beside an armchair or settee.

Swap Cushions and Rugs Around Rooms

Although they are very simple additions to a room, new rugs and cushions can be an effective change to a room – but “new” doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy anything! You could look at old material you have and see if you can repurpose it into a cushion, or the even easier option is to simply swap your cushions and rugs from upstairs to downstairs.

We hope some of these simple tips will help you freshen up your home, but if you are looking for more of a substantial face-lift for your home and want some interior design advice, please get in touch with our design experts to see how we can help you.