Extending Your Outdoor Living Space

Now that September is just around the corner, the temperature is taking a downward turn – we’re officially reaching the end of our summer. But there’s plenty to look forward to in the Autumn months; with cosy nights in with family and friends a popular choice post lockdown.

With outdoor spaces becoming key to prevent the spread of the pandemic, it could be a worthwhile investment to extend indoor areas into the outside to protect and reassure family and friends during their visit. There are lots of ways of making the most of the outdoors before winter comes, here’s some of our favourites.   

One simple but effective way of blending the outdoors with inside is to introduce some more glazed windows or doors onto the room connected to the garden, for example such as patio doors that open into the garden area.

Adding a canopy or awning over the garden entrance can make your outdoor area more inviting for guests as Autumn arrives. It also acts as protection from some of the harsher British weather we can expect some evenings. Some canopy structures can be very effective in making a kitchen or living room area seem longer with the right blend of materials with the indoor decor. 

For cosy nights in, adding a stylish conservatory to your home is a great way of connecting the indoors with nature and most of these can also include wide entrances into the garden for even more space leading to the outside.

If you were planning something a little bigger with the space, covering a decking area or patio with a marquee or other covering can provide a suitable outdoor area for larger gatherings while also preparing for the weather.

Some tips to add both stylish and practical touches to your outdoor/indoor space is to think about lighting for the later evenings to keep the outer area well lit, along with some decorations. Options such as festoon lighting, wall lanterns or decorative fairy lights can all add some vibrance to the space. Plants are also effective in blending the indoor and outdoor space when including them in areas such as a conservatory or beside the patio doors.

Other ways of combining the styles of the both spaces is to use similar materials such as flooring, or brick wall in a kitchen that leads to a brick-walled garden area. Utilising materials and colours inside that are typically outside and vice versa is the key when looking to blend the feel of both areas.

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