How the finer details can make a House a Home

Over the course of our monthly blogs, we’ve covered a big range of different interior design, decorating and upcycling tips, which we hope have helped you to develop your home into a space you love living in. Although decorating a room a fresh new colour and updating your furniture is a great start, the finer details are like accessories to an outfit and can really bring it to life. We’ve thought of some basic interior design details you can add to your home here.

Adding Nature to Your Setting
The addition of a variety of houseplants, or even just nature-themed accessories can make a space more attractive to live in and give the home an organic and fresher feel. In your kitchen, for example, you could adorn what was a stark and industrial looking ceiling rack with a colourful dried flower garland to brighten up the space. In some forgotten corners, a small indoor palm tree can fill the space and studies also show they can boost mood and wellbeing.

Mirror Effects
Utilising mirrors in the correct way can create a variety of different effects in a room and can be key to transforming and enhancing a space. Placing a mirror next to or opposite a window can accentuate and spread the natural light, brightening up dark spaces. Mirrors can also enhance the perceived size of a room, as the reflection creates the illusion of another part of the room and creates extra space. Try experimenting with different mirror shapes and locations to get the perfect setting.

Experiment with Lighting
Getting the lighting just right in a setting can create a whole variety of effects such as creating tones, space, and drawing attention to specific areas of the room. Adding a range of different lighting elements to your home such as lamps, floor lights, shelf lighting and more can accentuate different spaces and create ambience in what was originally a plain and stark space. It’s important to also consider practical lighting too, such as a brightly lit kitchen or workspace.  

With so many elements of design to consider, our experienced interior design team at Sunrise Interior Designers will know the best tips and techniques to make the most out of your living space. With our help, you can turn your home into a beautifully crafted and unique space, designed with your personality and style in mind. If you’d like to know more about how our team can support your interior design needs, contact the team today