How to reclaim relax space during home-working

The one year anniversary for lockdown has officially passed. A whole 365+ days for many of us working from home, homeschooling and staying home to protect our loved ones – all in the same four walls. Nobody had time to prepare their homes for the year ahead, but now may be your chance to reclaim some relaxation space.

With schools re-opening, our homes no longer need to become classrooms too – but many offices are still required to remain at home. Many reports suggest that home-working may become the norm for smaller businesses who have seen advantages to remote working. But how can you find places to relax in your home to improve wellbeing? Here’s some tips.

Allocate Different Spaces for Work and Relaxing

This one may have been a first step for many, but if you haven’t yet, allocate yourself a separate space for working and relaxing. A different room is great but even a desk in a separate side of the room to your sofa. Decorating your workspace with plants, natural lighting and trying to avoid a cramped work area can help you to keep relaxed. Once you have finished work for the day, being able to leave that space will refresh you ready for a chilled evening ahead.

Different Lighting for Spaces

Focus on creating different atmospheres and tones between the two areas by changing up the lighting between your work and relaxation areas. Your working space will need to be fairly well lit to minimise computer glare and allow you to see, so aim to reduce this brightness in your relaxing spaces. The use of lamps, natural outdoor lighting or even different types of bulbs can help in creating these differing lighting levels.

Technology – Free Areas

With technology taking up so much of our time and space in this modern world, it’s a good idea to aim for some technology free zones in the home and schedule in specific time to spend there. Having time away from screens in general and the mental toll of social media does wonders for our mental health. You could create a small reading/drawing/journaling corner in your home complete with soft lighting and away from your work-from-home space to improve relaxation after a hard day of office work.

By introducing some of these ideas you can take back control of some of your home space and regain a more balanced home and work life. Let us know if you have any more ideas!