Simple Ideas to Create a Cosy Setting

With impending lockdowns looming across the UK – it looks like we’re all in for another bout of boredom while we wait for it to blow over. If you find yourself wanting to create a cosy space at home with some new decor, how about giving some of these small home improvements a try?

Tartan patterns have been coming back into fashion recently, with a lot more range of colours schemes than the traditional red and green! If you look around you could find tartan accessories to suit almost any colour scheme. This pattern looks great on armchairs, cushions and throws in particular and creates a cosy autumn feel in the home. Knitted items can also add to the homely feel, again with throws and cushion covers being a popular option.

If any walls are in need of an update, there are some beautiful autumnal wallpaper patterns available online or locally to brighten up any space in the home. Floral patterns are always a fashionable choice in decoration too, with a huge range of different colour pallets and styles to choose from. Look around for matching patterned or coloured accessories such as curtains and lampshades to finish off the look.

Stone or wood patterns can look great if used in the right spaces to create a more natural and traditional feel to a space, which could be achieved with wallpaper or vinyl transfers. Be mindful to use these patterns sparingly as too much can be overbearing if not thought out well. Teaming these wall patterns up some plants makes for a stylish contrast too.

Lighting makes a big difference to any space, and less is more when you are aiming to create a cosy and relaxing setting. Leave the overhead lights off and opt for lower lighting such as standing lamps, desk lamps and even a candle here and there to enhance the warming and cosy atmosphere.

We hope these ideas help to get your creative juices flowing, and if you enjoyed these, take a look at our selection of blogs for more tips and advice on updating and improving your home.