Spruce up your garden with our simple tips and ideas

With the lockdown situation feeling never-ending, many of us have already tackled most of the big jobs inside the home and are now looking to the garden for some DIY to pass the time. It’s the perfect time for it too, with the summer heat getting warmer as the days pass.
Here we’ve thought up some great ideas for brightening up your garden, with a mixture of upcycling ideas and some more upmarket options to suit any vision and budget. Some of our DIY projects are perfect for keeping children entertained for hours too (you can thank us later!)

DIY From Scratch

Judging by our Facebook feeds recently – the power of the wooden pallet is pretty much never-ending! Pallets can often be picked up for free or next to nothing by looking around online, and can provide the basis for many upcycling projects. Some of our favourite ideas are seating areas, flower beds, planters and climbers – but the possibilities for these are vast.

Old and worn tyres can also be found in the same manner as pallets and can also provide some impressive decorations with some planning and a bit of paint. Tyres can be used as plant pots and planting areas, but can also be adapted to be used as furniture also. Pinterest and Google have some great ideas for using pallets and tyres from scratch.

Some of the simplest ideas can be the most effective, especially if your budget or ability to shop is limited at the moment. For example, a fun and easy activity such as collecting stones from local areas while walking, painting them to scatter around the garden can add the perfect touch of colour for your outdoor spaces.

Order in Some Extras

An easy way of adding some sparkle to your garden at night is to add in some lighting to the area, with lots of options available. Spreading fairy lights around the garden can create a starlight effect, or you can go one bigger and add some footlighting, hanging lamps or standing lights to illuminate your garden ready for some late night relaxing.

Depending on your taste, there are some lovely ornaments, sculptures and figures available from online or even a local garden centre if they are currently re-opening in your area. Adding some ornamental additions to your garden can give it a more personalised feel and be a conversation point when BBQs are eventually given the go-ahead.

If you like animals, adding some nature to your garden can be a welcome addition by including bird baths and feeders into the space. You can find some beautiful bird-bath designs which can also double up as a statement piece sculpture for the garden, or some simple feeding stations to fill your garden with birdsong.

We hope some of these ideas have inspired you to get out into your garden and enjoy the sun – of course, get in touch if you’d like more personalised advice or some suggestions that will give you the best dressed garden in your locked-down street.
Check back next month for some more top tips on home improvement!